Race To Erase
Race To Erase


Race Results

On behalf of the charities, we would like to thank all participants & volunteers for taking part in the 12th Annual Race to Erase. Congratulations to The Pooh Crew, this year's Race to Erase Champs! They finished the events in 1438 (that's just under 24 minutes for non-racers). The final times have been posted here

This year's event raised $31,465! Congratulations to this year's top fundraising team, One Step at a Time, for raising more than $3,000 for the SWONT Conductive Education. To check out how much each charity raised this year, visit the Charities page. Please note that we are still updating this page and this will be completed in the next week.

See you next year Sarnia!


Individual Stop Winners!
#1 Kaoss Studio Team Photos - Don't worry, be happy! (Everyone's a winner - 0 seconds)
#2 ActivEars - Can you repeat that? (The Pooh Crew - 77 seconds)
#3 LEADWAVE Technologies - Dang computers! (The Van GOgh's - 32 seconds)
#4 Canada Post - Beware of Dogs! (Goodtimes 4 Goodwill - 89 seconds)
#5 The Toy Corner/Seaway Sounds - Sing us a song! (Prepare to be schooled - 68 seconds)
#6 The Hub - Twins! (INN for FUN - 121 seconds)
#7 Janie Lax - Los Angeles Airport (Goodtimes 4 Goodwill - 19 seconds)
#8 Goodwill Connections - Vicki Lawrence Presents: (Body Balance Fizzio's - 76 seconds)
#9 Lambton College Esports - Road Rage! (The Pooh Crew - 90 seconds)
#10 Freshcut Lawn Care - This blows! (Goodtimes 4 Goodwill - 112 seconds)
#11 In Motion - Burp-eze! (Goodtimes 4 Goodwill - 224 seconds)
#12 Year of Local/The Book Keeper - Neighbours! (The Pooh Crew - 181 seconds)

No results yet for this event.